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Categories: Miscellaneous

Latest version: 0.2.7
Added 2005-04-14

Cross-platform library that supplements the core Java API.

Features include:
- Files: Enumerate the user's disk drives, and obtain extended information on files, directories, volumes, and filesystems: their icons, creation dates, version information, mount points, and much more...
- Web Browsers: Launch a file or URL in the user's Web browser...
- Video Monitors: Enumerate and get information on the user's video monitors: bit depth, bounds, etc...
- External Processes: Create external processes, send basic commands to external processes, obtain the PSN or HWND of a process you created, and enumerate the currently running processes...
- File Types: Find applications associated with a given file type, find applications by name, and convert between Windows file extensions and Mac creator/file type codes.

Built for Java
Built for Java

Flux BPM

Categories: Miscellaneous, Workflow

Author: Flux Corporation

Latest version: 7.3
Added 2007-02-09

Job scheduling, file transfer, workflow and business process management.
Flux BPM may be embedded as a set of APIs for Java, J2EE, XML, and web services applications.

Features include:
- All features of Flux
- Coordinate human tasks
- Standardize business processes
- Codify and automate processes
- Drive system tasks via web forms
- Streamline system and business processes
- Brandable web dashboard
- The graphical interfaces can be embedded to make Flux's functionality accessible to non-developers

Built for Java
Built for Java


Categories: Interoperability, Miscellaneous

Author: JNetDirect

Latest version: 3.0
Added 2006-02-13

Powers software applications with integration technologies.
Integration operations are defined through a user interface. These operations are then available via a web-based integration console and an integration engine that guarantees delivery, processing, logging, security and accessibility.

Features include:
- No architectural dependencies
- Finite integration definitions
- Guaranteed delivery
- Managed database commits: heterogeneous two-phase commits ensure that data in disparate applications remains synchronized
- Logging: enables engineers to pinpoint what errors occurred and why; also available to customers of your application
- Security: data encryption and role-based nonrepudiation are provided
- Enterprise integration: procedural abstraction web services; code generation (Java, VB.NET and C#); guaranteed message delivery; cross platform (J2EE and .NET) interoperability; secure communications; logged transactions; integration reporting scheduling; aggregation and distribution

Built for Java
Built for Java
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