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Latest additions
  • License4J License Manager
    Provides solutions for Java software product licensing.
  • SuanShu
    Java numerical and statistics library of numerical methods and for numerical analysis and statist...
  • JSnapshot
    Java exception logging, monitoring and analysis tool.
  • dirtyJOE
    Binary editor and viewer for compiled class files.
  • RPM Lite
    On-demand management to help you ensure the health and availability of your production Java web a...
  • Versant Object Database
    Object data management system for Java, .NET and C++.
  • Fantom
    Object-oriented, functional programming language designed to cross compile to Java, .NET, and Jav...
  • H2
    Java SQL database.
  • Agilis Orion
    Multi-platform Java network licensing platform that supports product activation and floating licensi
  • EasyLicenser
    Multi-platform Java license manager that supports such models as node-locked, trial, subscription, f
  • odata4j
    Toolkit for building OData producers and consumers in Java.
  • MT4J
    MT4j (Multitouch for Java) is an open source development platform, created for rapid developement...
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Latest updates
  • Log4E
    Eclipse plugin that helps you to use your logger in Java projects.
  • Lingobit Localizer
    Localization solution for MFC, Delphi, .NET and Java based applications.
  • Passolo
    Software localization tool.
  • IntelliJ IDEA
    Java IDE focused on developer productivity.
  • YourKit Java Profiler
    CPU and memory profiler.
  • db4o
    Open source object database engine.
  • DashO
    Tool for obfuscating and instrumenting Java code.
  • Google Web Toolkit
    Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applica...
  • Cayenne
    Openn source persistence framework providing object-relational mapping and remoting services.
  • Objectivity/DB
    Object-oriented database management system.
  • Ittia DB
    ACID-compliant transactional embeddable database engine.
  • astah*
    UML modeling tool integrated with ER Diagram (ERD), Data Flow Diagram (DFD), CRUD and Mind Mappin...
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