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Latest version: 1.0.54
Added 2010-07-23

Object-oriented, functional programming language designed to cross compile to Java, .NET, and JavaScript.

Features include:
- Portability: Write code portable to the Java VM, .NET CLR, and JavaScript in the browser.
- Familiar syntax: Java and C# programmers will feel at home with Fantom's evolutionary syntax.
- Mixins: Interfaces but with implementation.
- Concurrency: Tackle concurrency with built-in immutability and actor model.
- Object-oriented: Everything subclasses from Obj. Value types when you need the performance.
- Functional: Functions and closures are baked in.
- Static and dynamic typing: Don't like the extremes - take the middle of the road.
- Serialization: Built-in "JSON like" serialization syntax makes Fantom ideal for declarative programming too.

Built for Java
Built for Java
Free or free version available
Free or free version available
Source code provided
Source code provided
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