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Categories: IDEs - IDE plug-ins, Modeling - Architecture - MDA - UML,

Latest version: 4.0
Added 2005-08-09

Implements OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA), offering vendor- and language-independent interoperability.
OptimalJ offers model-to-model and model-to-code transformation. OptimalJ's model-driven approach allows developers to build a visual model of applications and automatically generate the code needed to implement n-tier applications.

Features include:
- Domain Model Editor: build a domain model — the starting point for development tasks.
- Source Editor: In addition to its visual interfaces, the integrated development environment provides a source editor, class browser, form editor and debugger to enable developers to view, modify and customize the generated application.
- Business Rules Editor: based on user-defined business rules, developers can customize applications.
- Create applications using the J2EE components including Session and Entity EJB, JSP and application data tables.
- Active synchronization: Java code remains synchronized with the application model. - Integrated deployment: automatically deploy to J2EE production servers including WebSphere, Weblogic and JBoss.
- Includes an open-source test environment that includes a web server and EJB container.

Built for Java
Built for Java

Vantage Analyzer

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Categories: Profiling - Debugging

Latest version: 5.1
Added 2006-12-27

J2EE and .NET performance monitoring and analysis capabilities.

- Customizable dashboards
- Workload-level analysis
- Drill-down of transaction analysis
- Hot-spot analysis for SQL, methods, performance and memory
- Real-time performance monitoring that allows you to select the parameters to be monitored
- CPU and wall-clock response-time measurement
- Alerts keep you aware of issues before they impact performance
- Integration with ClientVantage allows you to trace the performance of transactions over the network and into the data center

Built for Java
Built for Java
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