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Categories: Miscellaneous

Latest version: 1.1 RC 1
Added 2006-06-23

Recursive-desent parser combinator framework written for Java.
jparsec is no parser generator like YACC or ANTLR. No extra grammar file is required. Grammar is written in native Java/C# language, which also means you can utilize all the utilities in the Java/.NET community for your parser.

Features include:
- operator precendence grammar
- dynamic grammar
- context sensitive grammar
- allows both traditional scan/parse approach and ad-hoc approach with 2-way communication between scanner and parser
- error location and customizable error message
- set of pre-defined reusable combinator functions
- declarative API that resembles BNF

jparsec is an implementation of Haskell Parsec on the Java platform.

Built for Java
Built for Java
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