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Categories: Localization

Latest version: 2011
Added 2005-03-05Updated 2011-04-26

Software localization tool.
Passolo can handle various software specific file formats, including executable programs, resource files and XML based files. Text strings can be translated into numerous languages including Asian languages (Unicode) and right-to-left scripts like Hebrew and Arabic.
Software localization can be done without access to the source code or the developers and can begin even before the final release of the software is available.
Passolo ensures compilation, exchange and processing of translation data.

Features include:
- WYSIWYG editors to adapt the user interface of a software. This includes editors for dialogs, menus, bitmaps, icons, and cursors.
- Fuzzy Matching Technology searches similar texts as well as exact matches.
- The Pseudo Translation checks the application for localization suitability before actual translation begins.
- A QA feature can check the spelling of the texts and enables automatic recognition of truncated or overlapping text and incorrect allocation of shortcuts, accelerators and access keys.
- Special Passolo editions for large or distributed projects enable the user to exchange data with external translators.
- VBA compatible scripting engine and OLE automated.
- Resources generated with .NET can be localized, including binary files (EXE, satellite DLLs and assemblies) and resource files used for development (RESX and RESOURCE). In addition to the localization of text strings in table form, WYSIWYG editors are provided for displaying and processing dialogs, menus and bitmaps. Also Custom Properties of control elements can be localized.
- All Java platforms (J2EE, J2SE, and J2ME) are supported. The resource data formats can be processed not only in Java source files, but also in compiled binary files and compressed JAR files.
- Ability to run diagnostic reports to quickly analyse problems and adjust localization kit accordingly.
- Collaboration edition.
- Support for machine translation.

Built for Java
Built for Java
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Free or free version available
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