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Categories: IDEs - IDE plug-ins, RAD - Dev automation,

Latest version: 2008
Added 2004-12-22Updated 2008-12-08

Visual development environment for building applications, applets, JSP/servlets, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans and distributed J2EE platform applications.

Features include:
- Code reuse and application knowledge transfer. Built-in Swing UI designer for visual GUI building and migration of design projects from earlier versions of JBuilder.
- UML 2.0 modeling and code archeology tools.
- Visual EJB, JPA, and Web services development.
- Performance tuning with memory and CPU profiling capabilities.
- Code coverage and analysis.
- Code audit and metrics
- Collaborative development environment with integrated tracking, source code management, project planning, and continuous builds.
- Based on Eclipse 3.3 open source framework, and Web Tools Platform (WTP) 2.0.
- Supports multiple application servers including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Apache Geronimo, Sun Glassfish, Oracle Application Server, OC4J, and the integrated Borland Enterprise Server.

Built for Java
Built for Java

JGear Performance for Eclipse

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Categories: Profiling - Debugging

Memory and CPU performance profiling and debugging plug-in for Eclipse.

Features include:
- shows if a performance issue is related to CPU, memory or both
- Automatic memory leak detector
- Real-time monitoring of object allocations
- Allocation Backtrace View allows developers to identify the code or part of the program responsible for instance allocations
- Thread Debugger gives real-time display of the progress of all threads running within the Virtual Machine
- Real-time class coverage view
- OS support: Windows XP, Windows Vista (requires Administrator rights), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
- IDE support: MyEclipse 5.5, BEA Workshop 10.1, Eclipse Callisto 3.2, Turbo JBuilder 2007

Built for Java
Built for Java
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