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Big Faceless Organization

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Big Faceless Graph Library

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Categories: Charting, Graphics,

Latest version: 2.2.3
Added 2006-08-02

Class library for creating graphs and charts.
Backed by a 3D engine, it can plot 2D or shaded 3D pie charts, line graphs, area and bar graphs from any viewpoint to PNG, Flash, PDF or SVG.

Features include:
- XML and JSP tag library interface
- SOAP and XML Web Services interface for graph creation
- Embed JavaScript in your tags to create rollovers
- Full 3D engine with adjustable light source
- Output to PNG, SVG, Flash, PDF or java.awt.Image for use in applets
- Graph dates, currencies, percentages, numbers and discrete data out of the box
- Mix bars, lines, candles, bubbles, all on the same graph
- Add text, lines or custom markers anywhere on the graph, including axes
- Use up to four axes on the one graph, including logarithmic axes
- Plot mathematical functions, data samples and spline curves fitted to data, all on the same graph

Built for Java
Built for Java

Big Faceless Java PDF library

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Categories: PDF

Latest version: 2.7
Added 2005-07-28Updated 2006-08-02

Java class library for creating and editing Acrobat PDF documents on-the-fly.

Features include:
- Create or edit interactive PDF AcroForms (Extended Edition only)
- Digitally sign PDF documents (Extended Edition only)
- Import and edit existing PDF documents (Extended Edition only)
- Transparent Unicode support
- TrueType and Type1 fonts, with subsetting for smaller files. Great for OCR.
- PDF Encryption, for password-protected documents (40 and 128 bit)
- Embed JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or java.awt.Image images, or add Barcodes directly to the PDF
- Use Spot colors, calibrated ICC profiles and other advanced colorspaces
- Add HTML-style Hyperlinks to text or images
- Process 1000+ words a second with kerning, ligatures, justification and "curly quotes" for legibility.
- Simplify complex document creation by defining and applying "Styles"
- Full support for PDF features like bookmarks, compression and document meta-information
- Non-linear creation of documents: pages can be created and edited in any order
- Intelligent embedding: Fonts and images can be reused without increasing the file size

Built for Java
Built for Java
Free or free version available
Free or free version available

Big Faceless Report Generator

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Categories: PDF, Reporting,

Latest version: 1.1.31
Added 2006-08-02

Component for converting XML to PDF documents.
Allows creating dynamic PDF reports using JSP, ASP or similar technology.

Features include:
- HTML-style tables: auto-sized nested tables with full control over padding, margins and borders
- Use cascading CSS2 stylesheets to control look and feel
- Create inline graphs and charts with XML, direct from the database
- Includes a servlet and a servlet filter for generation of PDF's from XML or JSP pages
- Auto pagination of content with page headers and footers
- HTML syntax
- Unicode support, encryption, TrueType fonts, barcodes...
- Load existing PDF documents as templates
- Digitally sign documents
- Create interactive forms

Built for Java
Built for Java
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