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Categories: Modeling - Architecture - MDA - UML, Object browsing - Library viewers

Author: MaintainJ

Latest version: 1.3
Added 2006-10-21Updated 2007-09-05

Eclipse plug-in for generating run-time UML sequence and class diagrams for a use case.
MaintainJ logs runtime method execution sequence to a file and uses that trace file to render sequence and class diagrams. MaintainJ Instrumentation Wizard instruments a Java/J2EE application and MaintainJ UML Editor renders sequence and class diagram from the trace file.

MaintainJ helps you to find out what happens in an application when you run a use case. It can be used to understand large, complex Java code.

Features include:
- Generate runtime UML sequence and class diagrams for a given use case on demand
- Source untouched: The application code is untouched; application is rebuilt using AspectJ compiler to capture the method execution sequence at runtime
- Aspects for instrumenting the code are generated by wizard
- Collapsible calls: Method calls in sequence diagram are collapsible. Developers can explore a sequence diagram by collapsing and expanding calls as necessary.
- Focused Diagrams: Only application classes in specified packages are shown in diagrams. All loop calls and recursive calls are removed from sequence diagrams.
- Instrument Java applications or Jar files in Eclipse using AJDT or outside Eclipse using Ant. Generate trace files by running the application with instrumented class or jar files.
- Multi-threaded application support: MaintainJ logs separate trace files for each thread in one use case.
- JUnit integration
- Eclipse Integration: Double click a call or class to open matching method or class in Eclipse.
- Print or export diagrams as JPEG images.

Built for Java
Built for Java
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