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Categories: Interoperability

Latest version: 2.1
Added 2006-06-27

Bidirectional Java-COM bridge that provides COM-to-Java and Java-to-COM interaction.
ComfyJ allows integrating with any COM/OLE/OCX/ActiveX library and to expose Java objects as COM objects all on pure Java without writing native code.

Features include:
- Wrappers for all standard COM interfaces, such as IUnknown, IDispatch etc.
- Support for standard COM types, such as Variant, SafeArray (single and multidimensional arrays), BStr, etc.
- Support for VTBL method calling mechanism. You can invoke COM object methods using the function index.
- Automation support enabling you to: Invoke any method of a COM object using dynamic method invocation technique; Get any property of a COM object, including indexed and named ones; Set COM object properties.
- Support for COM events.
- Embedding any OLE/OCX/ActiveX controls into a Swing application.
- DCOM support.
- Code generation application: generate Java COM wrappers for custom COM objects. Generated classes can be compiled and packed to a JAR file if necessary.

Built for Java
Built for Java


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Categories: Reporting

Latest version: 1.1
Added 2006-06-19Updated 2008-02-27

Library for integrating Microsoft Excel into Swing applications.

The JExcel functionality can be divided into the following parts:
- Automation of an Excel application, workbooks, worksheets, etc. This is the core functionality of the JExcel library, which allows working with Excel applications, workbooks, worksheets, ranges and cells.
- Embedding a workbook in a Java Swing application. JExcel provides the JWorkbook component that allows embedding an Excel workbook in a Java Swing application as an ordinary Swing component.
- Handling Excel workbook or worksheet events. Workbook and Worksheet JExcel classes allow adding listeners for events generated by a workbook or worksheet and event handlers to affect the application behavior.
- Working with native peers. Native peers are provided to allow you to add custom functionality based on JExcel.

Built for Java
Built for Java


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Categories: Internet and communications, Rich client UI - Swing,

Latest version: 1.7
Added 2006-06-27

Library for integrating Internet Explorer into Java applications.
JExplorer allows embedding the Internet Explorer browser into Swing applications and use the provided JExplorer API.

Features include:
- Visual Browser component for embedding into a Swing UI and the HeadlessBrowser implementation for automated tests
- Usual methods for navigation such as navigate(), back(), forward() and stop()
- Regular Java listeners for various browser events
- Execute JavaScript on the HTML page by using the WebBrowser.executeScript() method
- Set and get the HTML content by using respectively the setContent() and getContent() methods of the WebBrowser instance
- Create context-dependent Java menus instead of standard browser menus
- Access to the browser's DOM and fast W3C DOM API adapters
- Access to the browser's extended options such as AllowImages, AllowScripts, etc.
- Set and get cookies for the specified URL by using the setCookie() and getCookies() methods
- Forms API providing a way to manipulate data in the HTML form elements
- Direct access to the MSHTML API via wrappers for COM interfaces
- JNIWrapper API access

Built for Java
Built for Java


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Categories: Interoperability

Latest version: 3.2
Added 2005-04-11Updated 2006-06-19

Software development kit for working with native code from Java programs without using JNI.
With JNIWrapper there is no need for you to create native code libraries to call a function of the operating system API or a function from any dynamic library. You write your code using Java only.

Main features:
- Invoke any function with any parameters from native code library
- Integrate COM/ActiveX objects and control their properties as pure Java objects
- Support for both stdcall and cdecl calling conventions
- Support for many data types including structures, unions and pointers
- Callbacks with any parameters and stdcall or cdecl calling conventions
- Specially tuned for operations with large amounts of complex native-side data
- Extensible architecture allows implementing new data types or customizing existing ones
- Support for thread-safe, truly concurrent function invocation
- Customizable native library searching mechanism
- Completely automatic resource management
- Crashes in native functions are converted to Java exceptions
- Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Built for Java
Built for Java


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Categories: Graphics

Latest version: 1.0
Added 2007-10-18

cross-platform screen capture library that allows Java code to capture and manipulate images.

Features include:
- Screen capture operations: full-screen capture (available on multiple monitors); active window capture; object capture of any UI element like window, button, menu, etc.; rectangular region capture.
- Capture options like capture transparent windows, mouse cursor inclusion, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Built for Java
Built for Java


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Categories: JSF - JSP - Tag libraries - AJAX

Latest version: 1.2.2
Added 2007-10-18

JSF library for creating a dynamic UI for Web-based applications.
QuipuKit provides a set of AJAX-powered JSF components and client-side validation framework.

Features include:
- Included widgets: TreeTable, Chart, Calendar
- Enhanced implementations of the standard JSF components: DataTable, TwoListSelection
- AJAX-enabled page updates
- Styling
- Client-side support for standard JSF validators
- Flexible validation logic configuration and flexible error presentation

Built for Java
Built for Java
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