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Categories: Object-relational mapping

Author: Software Tree

Latest version: 4.7
Added 2005-03-01Updated 2007-03-26

Object-relational mapping software.
JDX software comes in different components that offer different functionalities:
- JDXClassic: the core mapping technology consisting of the runtime
mapping engine and basic tools (JDXSchema and JDXDemo).
- JDXServer: optional add-on to JDXClassic providing the capability of running the object-relational mapping functionality in a separate tier for load-balancing and scalabilty.
- JDXStudio: a GUI program for designing and configuring the mapping system.
- JDXCombo: combines JDXClassic, JDXServer and JDXStudio components in one offering. JDXServer and JDXStudio need JDXClassic to run.

Features include:
- Support for object modeling including class hierarchies
- Small set of APIs
- Object caching
- Support for second-level caching (e.g., Tangasol Coherence)
- 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-many relationships
- Named queries, Polymorphic queries
- Aggregated operations
- OneClickRevelation provides insight into your data without programming
- Offers reverse-engineer of an object model from any existing relational schema
- Supports Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Postgres, Pointbase, Interbase, JDataStore, HSQLDB, Cloudscape, Access, and JDBC data sources
- Works with WebLogic, Websphere, JRun, Tomcat, and other J2EE servers

Built for Java
Built for Java
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