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Advanced Installer For Java

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Categories: Deployment - Installation

Author: Caphyon

Latest version: 5.2.2
Added 2005-05-18Updated 2007-09-17

Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications, integrating them into the Windows OS and making them look and feel just like a native application.

Advanced Installer for Java runs on Windows 2000/XP, and the install packages it creates run on all Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP operating systems. Building native Mac OS X packages is also supported.
Using the standard Windows Installer technology, Advanced Installer For Java is able to provide Windows integration for your Java applications. It ensures a small footprint by producing zero-overhead install packages, which contain only native Windows Installer data with no additional runtime requirements.

Features include:
- Provides a native launcher for your Java applications. Through this launcher your users will see and use your Java programs just like regular Windows native executables.
- Install/uninstall files, registry keys, environment variables.
- Create shortcuts in the Start menu or on the desktop.
- File associations.
- Bundle, or download and install a JRE.
- Unattended installs.
- Operating system version check.
- Digitally signing your install packages.
- Project files saved as XML files.

Advanced Installer is free for the simplest, most common usages. Additional capabilities are provided in commercial versions.

Built for Java
Built for Java
Free or free version available
Free or free version available
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