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Hello JavaToolbox fans,
Welcome to the new edition of our newsletter.

In this edition, I'll introduce a new feature that allows you to keep track of your favorite tools and libraries, and display them on your profile if you wish to. We also announce the Java2Days conference.

Whatever you're doing with Java, you have to deal with a lot of tools and libraries. If you need to find new ones, you can consult, and for .NET. You'll find there more than 2000 tools, libraries and add-ins! The main goal of these sites has always been to help you to quickly identify the tools you need.

JavaToolbox Logo    SharpToolbox Logo

One thing that has been missing on and until recently is the ability for you to keep track of your favorite tools. I'm glad to announce that from now on you can easily add tools to a personal watch list. This will allow you to find all your tools in one place. You'll then be able to see in a blink whether these tools have been updated. We'll also email you when one of your favorite tools gets updated.


Another thing that this update offers you is the ability to show to your peers which tools you use. This can easily be done by displaying the brand new JavaToolbox and/or SharpToolbox Favorites widget.

Favorites widget

In order to be able to manage favorites, all that is needed is account. With your account, you can sign in on or and start adding tools to your personal list of favorites.

Add to favorites

If you want to display your favorites on your blog or your website, you can simply copy and paste the HTML block you'll find on the "My Favorites" page (here is the same page on

My Java tools    My .NET tools

In addition to displaying your favorite tools on your blog or website, you can display them on your profile if you want to. You don't automatically have a public profile on when you first create your account, but if you decide to create one, you'll be able to choose whether your favorite Java and .NET tools are displayed on it. Of course, I encourage you to publish your profile :-)
You can see what it all looks like at the bottom of my own profile.

You can also use RSS to follow your favorite Java and .NET tools.

Favorite tools RSS Favorite tools RSS

Of course, you can also share your RSS feeds with someone else. But what's much more interesting is that you can reuse your personal RSS documents and do whatever you want with them. After all, it's just XML that you can parse and transform easily.

I hope you'll find these new features useful. As usual, your feedback and suggestions are welcome!

I'd like to thank Tobin Harris for the fruitful discussion about these features and for the great suggestion of providing widgets.

I'd like to end this edition of our newsletter with the announcement of the Java2Days Java technologies conference.
This conference is a brand new event in Eastern Europe focused on highlighting todayís cutting edge trends in Java development. The major purpose of this event is to become a place for passionate Java developers to get in touch with the latest technologies, to become a significant part of the global Java community and to learn from the best speakers.
The speakers who have already confirmed their participation are: Reza Rahman, Josh Long, John Willis, Heath Kesler, Talip Ozturk, Rob Harrop, Bruno Bossola and Andrew Lombardi.
The event takes place October 8-9 in Sofia, Bulgaria. A special 20% discount is available till September 15.
More information about pricing, terms and how to register can be found on

That's all for today. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or suggestions.

Best regards,
PS: If you use .NET in addition to Java, don't forget to visit
Hello JavaToolbox fans,
Welcome to our newsletter.
We don't send it out very often, I know. But this should improve from now on!
In this edition, we'd like to let you know that we've just started a new wave of updates on the website, and announce TheServerSide Java Symposium.
Regarding content, there are currently 728 tools, libraries and components referenced in the box. And the list keeps growing.
It usually takes some time before a submission gets processed. So, please be patient when you submit something. Of course, this shouldn't prevent you from reporting new tools and new versions! Keep your submissions and emails coming. They really help us to keep the site up-to-date.
Regarding features, several things are in the works. You can already use our latest feature, which was deployed yesterday. Simply visit any category on the site, and you'll notice that you can now use a panel to set display options and filter the page's content.
display options
Please let us know what you think about this new feature, and feel free to suggest more features.
I can't tell you more at this point about what's cooking next, but you can expect to see new features and several surprises appear over the coming months...
This editionís spotlight is TheServerSide Java Symposium. Here is a description of the event:

Evaluate vendor and open source framework options, get insight into new languages for the JVM, go beyond the SOA hype, hear best practices for persistence, performance, designing for the presentation tier and more at TheServerSide Java Symposium. With 8 tracks and 60+ keynotes, sessions and panels, TSSJS will give you practical skills that can be immediately applied to your projects.
That's all for today. You'll find more information in the next edition of this newsletter, and you won't have to wait for too long before it gets sent :-)
Best regards,
PS: If you use .NET in addition to Java, don't forget to visit
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