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Categories: DBMS

Latest version: 3.0
Added 2006-02-07Updated 2008-12-21

Object oriented, open source embedded database for Java and .NET.

Features include:
- run-time code footprint of between 30K and 300K
- garbage collection
- detection of hanging references
- automatic schema evolution
- XML import/export utilities
- master-slave replication support
- implementations in 100% Java
- supports Java (including Google's Android platform) and Java ME/J2ME (through Perst Lite)
- ACID transactions
- no end user administration required
- integration with AspectJ and JAssist AOP tools
- multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)
- supported indexes include a classic B-Tree; R-tree indexes (spatial/mapping data); database containers optimized for memory-only access; KD tree, and more
- full text search, via native capability or Apache Lucene information retrieval library integration
- On-the-fly compression for Perst Lite (Java ME), reduces stored data size by three to five times

Built for Java
Built for Java
Free or free version available
Free or free version available
Source code provided
Source code provided
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