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Categories: Code generation, Persistence - Data-tier

Author: Somusar

Latest version: 31jan05
Added 2005-03-02

The Software Production Machine (SoProMach) is a software generation engine providing a foundation for specialized code and documentation generators. It's a generalized, language-neutral, multiplatform software source code and documentation generator, capable of accepting several input formats, such as XML, CSV, plain text, and Sisendel EF (entity files), a new textual multitier entity design language for describing metadata.

Several SoProMach-based generators are available for different purposes and target platforms: .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASPX), J2EE, J2SE, PHP, SQL, XML, HTML, etc.

Sopromach is made up of two components:
- Sisendel: SImple Software ENtity DEsign Language. It is a high-level, declarative language to design multi-tier entities and consistently generate database, logic, user interface and documentation files from one textual multi-facet definition.
- Tefigel: TExt FIle GEneration Language. This is the generic low-level file generator or templating machine of Sopromach. It also has built-in list processing and XML/HTML parsing capabilities.

SoProMach can be integrated with any IDE providing support for external tool invocation. IDE integration of SoProMach has been tested with: Eclipse 3, Visual Studio 2005 Beta, Visual Basic Express 2005 Beta, JBuilder X, CodeWarrior Development Studio v2.8.

SoProMach is available for the following platforms: Linux 2.4 (or higher) on x86; Mac OS X 10.2 (or higher) on PowerPC; Windows 2000/XP on x86.

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Built for Java
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Free or free version available
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