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Translation Studio

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Categories: Code conversion - Language migration

Latest version: 3.3
Added 2006-01-30Updated 2007-07-02

Migration solution for moving older Visual Basic applications (version 3 to 6) to equivalent Java solutions.
The resulting Java system is either architected as a stand-alone swing-based desktop application or as a web-enabled Java Server Faces system with a set of reusable Enterprise Java Beans components.
Besides the conversion, Translation Studio also detects and removes all kinds of dead code.

Features include:
- Direct translation (one to one mapping) between Visual Basic and Java
- Translates complex projects (Visual Basic Group) including unlimited numbers of OCX's, DLL's and so forth
- Translates DLL's, Active-X components (OCX's) and standalone projects (EXE's) including the following type of files: VBG, VBP, FRM, CLS, BAS, CTL, FRX and CTX
- Converts ADO and DAO database access into Java database access using the JDBC API
- Supports many external objects, such as Scripting Run Time scrrun.dll and Winsock.ocs
- Supports a major part of the more advanced Windows Controls, such as TreeView and ListView
- Translates absolute-positioned graphical-used interface to relative-positioned web-based user interfaces with cascading style sheets
- Translates native VB controls to native Java Server Faces controls
- Translates each VB form and its data to an equivalent Java form bean
- Translates VB classes and modules to a set of reusable EJB business components

Built for Java
Built for Java
Sold as a service
Sold as a service
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