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Categories: Rich client UI - Swing

Author: JGoodies

Latest version: 2.0.4
Added 2006-07-19

Looks & feels for Swing applications and applets.

Features include:
- Windows look & feel: focuses on an emulation on Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 in the following areas: menus, icons, colors, borders, fonts, font sizes, insets, and widget dimensions. It honors the screen resolution (96dpi vs. 120 dpi) to adjust sizes, insets, and widget dimensions.
- Multi-platform appearance: Plastic is a multi-platform look & feel family that works well on all Windows platforms, including XP. The Plastic themes have been tweaked for a harmonic integration with the majority of desktops so that your applications won't alienate a Windows user.
- Simplifying multi-platform support: the looks help you support different Java versions and operating systems. Each look is consistent for Java 1.4.0x, 1.4.1x, 1.4.2 and the 1.5.0 betas - to the possible extent of features of the underlying Swing API.
- In addition, Plastic, the Windows look & feel, and the Windows native look use similar widget dimensions and widget font baselines to minimize layout differences between these looks.
- ClearLook: find and fix common swing misuses

Built for Java
Built for Java
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Free or free version available
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